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The i5k Workspace is removing all gene and mRNA pages

The i5k Workspace@NAL team is streamlining services, in order to gain more time to focus on services that i5k Workspace@NAL users actually want and need. A recent evaluation of user needs demonstrated that the i5k Workspace's gene pages do not provide much value. The data represented in these pages are available elsewhere - NCBI's GenBank or RefSeq databases display information at the gene and protein level; the i5k Workspace@NAL and Ag Data Commons provide information at the dataset level. From a technical perspective, the gene pages are challenging and time-consuming to maintain. Finally, we have not been able to provide gene pages for all gene sets due to personnel shortages.

As a result, we have decided to remove all gene pages from the i5k Workspace. ​

What does this mean for your dataset? This does not mean that the data are lost, or not accessible anymore. You can still find the data at the i5k Workspace@NAL and NCBI (GenBank or RefSeq), and in some cases the Ag Data Commons. Links to these resources are compiled in each dataset page - see the table below for names and links of datasets for which we have removed gene and mRNA pages. In addition, you can still interact with the genes from this dataset in JBrowse and Apollo, including link-outs to gene pages at NCBI (or in a few cases, HymenopteraMine and VEuPathDB) from the individual gene glyphs (; and search for them using BLAST (

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We hope that the impact on your work will be minimal, but please let us know if this is a major inconvenience for you.

Dataset links table
Dataset name Link to dataset information
Anoplophora glabripennis Official Gene Set v1.2  
Bombus impatiens annotations bimp_OGSv1.1        
Cephus cinctus annotations cepcin_OGSv1.1        
Cimex lectularius Official Gene Set v1.2         
Ephemera danica annotations ephdan_OGSv1.0       
Frankliniella occidentalis annotations fraocc_OGSv1.1
Halyomorpha halys annotations halhal_OGSv1.2     
Hyalella azteca annotations OGSv1.2              
Ladona fulva annotations Official Gene Set ladful_OGSv1.1
Laodelphax striatellus Official Gene Set v1.2    
Microplitis demolitor Official Gene Set micdem_OGSv1.0
Nylanderia fulva annotations OGSv1.0             
Oncopeltus fasciatus Official Gene Set v1.1      
NCBI Bradysia coprophila Annotation Release 100  
NCBI Chelonus insularis Annotation Release 100   
NCBI Contarinia nasturtii Annotation Release 100 
NCBI Diachasma alloeum Annotation Release 101    
NCBI Drosophila bipectinata Annotation Release 102
NCBI Drosophila elegans Annotation Release 102   
NCBI Drosophila eugracilis Annotation Release 102
NCBI Drosophila ficusphila Annotation Release 102
NCBI Drosophila kikkawai Annotation Release 102  
NCBI Drosophila rhopaloa Annotation Release 102  
NCBI Drosophila takahashii Annotation Release 102
NCBI Galleria mellonella Annotation Release 101  
NCBI Lucilia sericata Annotation Release 100     
NCBI Manduca sexta Annotation Release 102        
NCBI Odontomachus brunneus Annotation Release 100
NCBI Osmia lignaria Annotation Release 100       
NCBI Photinus pyralis Annotation Release 100     
NCBI Rhipicephalus microplus Annotation Release 100
NCBI Tribolium madens Annotation Release 100     
NCBI Varroa jacobsoni Annotation Release 100     
NCBI Venturia canescens Annotation Release 100