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Fopius arisanus genome assembly Fari_v1

Analysis NameFopius arisanus genome assembly Fari_v1
MethodAllPaths (49856)
SourceFopius arisanus strain USDA-PBARC FA_bdor, whole genome shotgun sequencing project
Date performed2015-02-22
All wasps used in library construction were derived from an unmated female. They are all haploid and are haplodiploid siblings of each other. A short insert library was constructed from a single wasp (USDA ID 24.2). A 3 kb mate-paired library was constructed from a pool of individuals that are full siblings of the single wasp (USDA ID 24pool). An 8 kb mate-paired library was constructed from individuals that were half siblings of the single wasp (USDA ID 12pool). Sequencing and DNA extractions were done separately for each library then the reads from the three libraries were pooled to generate the assembly.
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