Frankliniella occidentalis annotations fraocc_OGSv1.1

Analysis NameFrankliniella occidentalis annotations fraocc_OGSv1.1
MethodCoordinates conversion (3.0.0)
SourceFrankliniella occidentalis annotations fraocc_OGSv1.0
Date performed2019-12-06
The Frankliniella occidentalis Official Gene Set fraocc_OGSv1.1 is an update of OGSv1.0 ( OGSv1.0 is an integration of automatic gene predictions from the Baylor College of Medicine's i5k pilot project, with manual annotations by the research community (performed via the Apollo manual curation software, OGSv1.1 was updated from OGSv1.0 ( to the coordinates of genome assembly GCA_000697945.4 ( using