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Rhipicephalus microplus genome assembly BIME_Rmic_1.3 (GCF_013339725.1)

Resource Type
Genome Assembly
Rhipicephalus microplus genome assembly BIME_Rmic_1.3 (GCF_013339725.1)
Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
Canu, FALCON, WTDBG, Smartdenovo, Quickmerge
Program Version
Canu v. 1.7, FALCON v. 1.0, WTDBG v. 1.1.006, Smartdenovo v. 1.0, Quickmerge
Data Source
Source Name
: SAMN14941061
Source URI
Jia N, Wang J, Shi W, Du L, Sun Y, Zhan W, Jiang JF, Wang Q, Zhang B, Ji P, Bell-Sakyi L, Cui XM, Yuan TT, Jiang BG, Yang WF, Lam TT, Chang QC, Ding SJ, Wang XJ, Zhu JG, Ruan XD, Zhao L, Wei JT, Ye RZ, Que TC, Du CH, Zhou YH, Cheng JX, Dai PF, Guo WB, Han XH, Huang EJ, Li LF, Wei W, Gao YC, Liu JZ, Shao HZ, Wang X, Wang CC, Yang TC, Huo QB, Li W, Chen HY, Chen SE, Zhou LG, Ni XB, Tian JH, Sheng Y, Liu T, Pan YS, Xia LY, Li J, Tick Genome and Microbiome Consortium (TIGMIC), Zhao F, Cao WC. Large-Scale Comparative Analyses of Tick Genomes Elucidate Their Genetic Diversity and Vector Capacities.. Cell. 2020 09 03; 182(5):1328-1340.e13.

See the associated publication,, for detailed assembly methods.

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