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Submit data

The i5k Workspace@NAL accepts user-submitted content. Currently, all of our projects and datasets are user-submitted.

  • Learn more about the data types we accept, and how to submit them: Data submission overview
  • If you'd like to submit data, please contact with the following information:
    • The genus and species of the organism the data was generated from
    • For genome assemblies: the NCBI GenBank or RefSeq accession number for the genome assembly. Note that we currently only accept genome assemblies from RefSeq, with exceptions only in rare circumstances.
    • For genome annotations and mapped datasets: a brief description of the dataset you'd like to submit.
  • Mapped RNA-Seq datasets are very useful for manual annotation. If RNA-Seq datasets for your organism are available in an INSDC database, we will map the RNA-Seq for you to include as a track on the genome browser. If you'd rather generate your own, please see our FAQ page about how to map and submit RNA-Seq:  FAQ on mapped RNA-Seq
  • We now compute functional annotations for all submissions. For more information about the functional annotation pipeline, please refer to the paper ( or the documentation (