i5k Workspace Project and Data Submission Overview

What is the i5k Workspace?

The i5k workspace is an inclusive genome portal for any "orphaned" arthropod genome project that would like to make use of our resources. We provide download services, BLAST, the JBrowse genome browser, and the Apollo manual curation service. If you want to learn more about the i5k Workspace, you can read our paper or view our presentations and posters. Please also refer to our data management and long-term management policy documents for information about the data types that we store and our long-term data management policy.

What is an i5k Workspace Project?

An i5k Workspace Project centers around an arthropod species and its genome assembly. This genome assembly must also be available from NCBI or other INSDC members. An i5k Workspace Project also contains gene predictions from that assembly, and data that were mapped to the assembly.
Genome communities use the i5k Workspace to visualize, share, and curate their genome project data. Often, an i5k Workspace project has a very active curation community, which strives to improve their genome project using community expertise and the Apollo manual curation tool.
In some cases, an i5k Workspace Project will have multiple assemblies. In order to minimize confusion and duplication of effort, curation activity occurs only on one assembly at a time.

How do I start an i5k Workspace Project?

If you'd like to create an i5k Workspace project, you'll need to go through two steps:

  1. Register for a Data submission account (this is different than an Apollo account!);
  2. Fill out our new i5k Workspace Project Request form.

You can browse the projects that we already host here: Available Projects


How do I add data to an existing i5k Workspace Project?

If you'd like to add data to an existing project, please register for a Data submission account, then use one of the following forms to provide us with information about your dataset:

  • Submit your data. We currently accept genome assemblies, gene predictions for a hosted genome assembly, and other datasets that have been mapped to a hosted genome assembly.
  • There are several ways to share your files with us: File sharing instructions
  • Submit an image use permission form for a new organism (required only if you are the permission holder of the image).


Have a lot of datasets to submit?

Contact us for a more convenient alternative.