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Ginzburg et al. embryo RNA-Seq

Resource Type
Ginzburg et al. embryo RNA-Seq

Sample preparation:

Read alignment (Agustin Baricalla, Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de Buenos Aires):

  • Quality control: FastQC, default parameters
  • Trimming: trimmomatic, special parameters: TRAILING:3 SLIDINGWINDOW:4:25 MINLEN:15 
  • Quality control: FastQC and MultiQC, default parameters
  • Alignment: STAR-aligner
  • Final check: MultiQC, default parameters
Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
FastQC, trimomatic, MultiQC, STARaligner
Program Version
Data Source
Source Name
: Factors involved in early polarization of the anterior‐posterior axis in the milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus
Source URI
Date Performed
Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 21:00