Neodiprion lecontei


Neodiprion is a Holarctic genus of conifer-feeding sawflies (Order: Hymenoptera; Family: Diprionidae) with an intimate and life-long association with their hosts: eggs are embedded within the host tissue, larvae spend their entire feeding period on the natal host, cocoons are spun either on the host or directly beneath it, and adults mate on the host plant. This tight association is accompanied by specialized feeding habits and all Neodiprion species (~50 described to date) are restricted to host-plants in the family Pinaceae, with most species found exclusively on host plants in the genus Pinus. Among species that are restricted to pines, host range varies from strict monophagy (only a single host species is utilized) to comparatively more polyphagous feeding habits (multiple pine species are utilized).

Because many members of the genus are economically important forestry pests, the life histories of many Neodiprion species have been studied in great detail. This wealth of data is especially pronounced for the lecontei species group, a monophyletic clade of ~20 species distributed throughout eastern North America, many of which have been the subject of entomological, forestry, and evolutionary research spanning the last 70 years. In addition to being well studied, Neodiprion are abundant in nature, can be reared and crossed under laboratory conditions, and vary in many ecologically important traits (e.g., host range, larval color, larval gregariousness, and overwintering mode). Together, these features make Neodiprion an excellent model system for uncovering the molecular mechanisms and evolutionary processes that generate and maintain variation in nature.

The Neodiprion lecontei (redheaded pine sawfly) genome, which consists of 7 chromosomes and 330 MB, is the first of 20 planned genomes for the lecontei species group.

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Linnen, Catherine R., et al. "Genetic Basis of Body Color and Spotting Pattern in Redheaded Pine Sawfly Larvae (Neodiprion lecontei)." Genetics (2018): genetics-300793.

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Image Credit: Neodiprion lecontei, larva by Gerald J. Lenhard, Louisiana State University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
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<a href=""Insect species <i>Neodiprion lecontei</i>, larva</a> by Gerald J. Lenhard, Louisiana State University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Assembly Information

Analysis Name Neodiprion lecontei genome assembly Nlec1.1 (GCA_001263575.2)
Software ALLMAPS (MAY-2017)
Source SAMN03462046
Date performed 2018-06-21
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Contig N50 NA
Scaffold N50 28536692
GC Content 38.92