Latrodectus hesperus


The three related widow species will facilitate gene annotation, regulatory sequence identification, and ortho/paralogy detection. This is a model organism for mating behavior, development, silk genetics, and venom research.

Genomic resources already available including a fosmid genomic library, 1009 traditional ESTs, and established methods for FISH. Extensive expression data will be available from high-throughput sequencing of RNA from tissues wuch as individual silk and venom glands, cephalothorax, and ovaries. Tissue is stored at -80.

Data were generated by the Baylor College of Medicine's i5k pilot project.

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Contig N50
Scaffold N50
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Assembly Information

Analysis Name Whole genome assembly of Latrodectus hesperus
Software Baylor College of Medicine genome assembly pipeline (NA)
Source Latrodectus hesperus Bwsp02072013 assembly
Date performed 2013-07-16
Materials & Methods

Sequence generation for assembly. For this project we are generating fairly high coverage in a number of different insert sized libraries. The assembly strategy is based around a seed allpaths assembly (the Broad Allpaths assembler) followed by seed assembly improvement using homegrown tools, Atlas-link and Atlas-GapFill, which can significantly improve the results. Thus we generate sequence data to enable the Allpaths assembly. As of Nov 2011 this is: - 40X genome coverage in 180bp insert library (100bp reads forward and reverse); and 40X 3kb insert data. To enable better scaffolding and local gap filling we additionally generate 500bp, 1kb, 2kb, and 8kb insert sizes at > 20X coverage.

Source: Baylor College of Medicine i5K Project Summary


Assembly Metrics
Contig N50 2223
Scaffold N50 13889
GC Content 29.24