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Amyelois transitella

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Common Name
navel orangeworm moth

The navel orangeworm (Amyelois transitella) (NOW) is a pyralid moth native to the southwestern USA and Mexico that has become a major pest of various nuts and fruits primarily in California, such as almonds, pistachios, figs, and pomegranates. The damage is caused by the larvae, which also facilitate introduction of fungi into nuts and fruit. The adults are relatively small at about 1 cm long with a similar wingspan. The genome was sequenced by the laboratory of Hugh Robertson at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign using a single female for deep sequencing of a 180bp fragment shotgun library for contig generation, followed by scaffolding using mate pairs from 1, 5, 10, and 20kb mate-pair libraries generated from multiple individuals. The assembly was performed with SOAPdenovo v2.04 on 07/01/13. The resultant assembly consists of 7,301 scaffolds totaling 406Mb with a scaffold N50 of 1.587Mb. Annotation was performed using GNOMON by NCBI, with assistance from a gut transcriptome from May Berenbaum’s laboratory, and resulted in 18,472 REFSEQ proteins, and 23,242 total possible proteins from GNOMON (including strictly ab initio gene models).

Organism Image
Amyelois transitella
Image Credit
USDA-ARS; public domain
NameProgramDate Constructed
Amyelois transitella genome assembly ASM118610v1 (GCF_001186105.1)SOAPdenovoNov 27th, 2013
Amyelois transitella NCBI Annotation Release 100NCBI Eukaryotic Genome Annotation PipelineAug 5th, 2015
Functional annotation of NCBI Amyelois transitella Annotation Release 100AgBase functional annotation pipelineFeb 24th, 2022
Assembly Stats
Contig N50
Scaffold N50
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