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Cimex lectularius Annotations

Analysis Name Cimex lectularius annotations OGSv1.3
Software remap-gff3 (NA)
Source Cimex lectularius Official Gene Set v1.2
Date performed 2018-10-01
Materials & Methods

OGS v1.2 was mapped to genome assembly Clec_2.1 ( using and subsequently, resulting in OGSv1.3

Analysis Name NCBI Cimex lectularius Annotation Release 101
Software NCBI Eukaryotic annotation pipeline (8.0)
Source Cimex lectularius genome assembly Clec_2.1 (GCF_000648675.2)
Date performed 2018-02-28
Materials & Methods

NCBI Eukaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline:
NCBI annotation report: