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Neodiprion lecontei genome assembly iyNeoLeco1.1 (GCF_021901455.1)

Resource Type
Genome Assembly
Neodiprion lecontei genome assembly iyNeoLeco1.1 (GCF_021901455.1)
Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
HiFiASM v. 0.16.1-r375; Juicebox Assembly Toolkit v. 1.11
Program Version
Data Source
Source Name
: BioSample SAMN23497074
Source URI
Childers AK, Geib SM, Sim SB, Poelchau MF, Coates BS, Simmonds TJ, Scully ED, Smith TPL, Childers CP, Corpuz RL, Hackett K, Scheffler B. The USDA-ARS Ag100Pest Initiative: High-Quality Genome Assemblies for Agricultural Pest Arthropod Research.. Insects. 2021 Jul 09; 12(7).
Cross Reference
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