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Bombus affinis

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Common Name
rusty patched bumble bee

Bombus affinis, commonly known as the rusty patched bumble bee, is a species of bumblebee endemic to North America. Its historical range in North America has been throughout the east and upper Midwest of the United States, north to Ontario, Canada, where it is considered a "species at risk", east to Quebec, south to Georgia, and west to the Dakotas. Its numbers have declined in 87% of its historical habitat range. On January 10, 2017, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service placed B. affinis on the list of endangered species, making the rusty patched bumblebee the first bee to be added to the list in the continental United States (seven species of yellow-faced bees native to the Hawaiian islands were added in 2016). Members of B. affinis are relatively large in size, and like other species of bumblebees, are known to be eusocial organisms. Most nests constructed by B. affinis are built underground, and are commonly found in old rodent burrows. Nests created in captivity can house up to 2,100 members, but they are typically much smaller in the wild. This species consumes nectar and pollen from a variety of plants, including Abelia grandiflora, Asclepias syriaca, and Linaria spp. The colony odor is very similar to that of Bombus terricola, which makes it difficult for predators and parasites to differentiate between the two species. Source:

This genome project is part of the Ag100Pest ( and Beenome 100 projects.

This dataset is not published - please follow Toronto/Ft. Lauderdale conditions of data re-use.


Childers AK, Geib SM, Sim SB, Poelchau MF, Coates BS, Simmonds TJ, Scully ED, Smith TPL, Childers CP, Corpuz RL, Hackett K, Scheffler B. The USDA-ARS Ag100Pest Initiative: High-Quality Genome Assemblies for Agricultural Pest Arthropod Research.. Insects. 2021 Jul 09; 12(7).
Organism Image
Image Credit
NameProgramDate Constructed
NCBI Bombus affinis Annotation Release 100NCBI Eukaryotic Genome Annotation PipelineSep 23rd, 2022
Bombus affinis genome assembly iyBomAffi1.2 (GCF_024516045.1)HiFiASMAug 5th, 2022
Functional annotation of NCBI Bombus affinis Annotation Release 100AgBase functional annotation pipelineNov 8th, 2022
Assembly Stats
Scaffold N50
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Community Contact
Jonathan Koch, USDA