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Microplitis demolitor Official Gene Set micdem_OGSv1.0

Resource Type
Genome Annotation
Microplitis demolitor Official Gene Set micdem_OGSv1.0
Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
i5k Workspace OGS generation pipeline
Program Version
Data Source
Source Name
: Microplitis demolitor genome assembly Mdem2 (GCF_000572035.2)
Source URI

The Microplitis demolitor Official Gene Set (OGS) v1.0 is an integration of automatic gene predictions from Microplitis demolitor genome annotations NCBI-RefSeq's gene set NCBI Microplitis demolitor Annotation Release 101 (, with manual annotations by the research community, performed via the Apollo manual curation software ( Manual annotations were QC'd via the GFF3toolkit ( and NCBI's table2asn_GFF software (, and merged with NCBIMicroplitis demolitorAnnotation Release 101 via the GFF3toolkit (

Protein pages for the manual annotations can be accessed at NCBI:

The full dataset is accessible at the Ag Data Commons: