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Manduca sexta Official Gene Set v2.2

Resource Type
Genome Annotation
Manduca sexta Official Gene Set v2.2
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: Manduca sexta OGSv2.0
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Kanost MR, Arrese EL, Cao X, Chen YR, Chellapilla S, Goldsmith MR, Grosse-Wilde E, Heckel DG, Herndon N, Jiang H, Papanicolaou A, Qu J, Soulages JL, Vogel H, Walters J, Waterhouse RM, Ahn SJ, Almeida FC, An C, Aqrawi P, Bretschneider A, Bryant WB, Bucks S, Chao H, Chevignon G, Christen JM, Clarke DF, Dittmer NT, Ferguson LCF, Garavelou S, Gordon KHJ, Gunaratna RT, Han Y, Hauser F, He Y, Heidel-Fischer H, Hirsh A, Hu Y, Jiang H, Kalra D, Klinner C, König C, Kovar C, Kroll AR, Kuwar SS, Lee SL, Lehman R, Li K, Li Z, Liang H, Lovelace S, Lu Z, Mansfield JH, McCulloch KJ, Mathew T, Morton B, Muzny DM, Neunemann D, Ongeri F, Pauchet Y, Pu LL, Pyrousis I, Rao XJ, Redding A, Roesel C, Sanchez-Gracia A, Schaack S, Shukla A, Tetreau G, Wang Y, Xiong GH, Traut W, Walsh TK, Worley KC, Wu D, Wu W, Wu YQ, Zhang X, Zou Z, Zucker H, Briscoe AD, Burmester T, Clem RJ, Feyereisen R, Grimmelikhuijzen CJP, Hamodrakas SJ, Hansson BS, Huguet E, Jermiin LS, Lan Q, Lehman HK, Lorenzen M, Merzendorfer H, Michalopoulos I, Morton DB, Muthukrishnan S, Oakeshott JG, Palmer W, Park Y, Passarelli AL, Rozas J, Schwartz LM, Smith W, Southgate A, Vilcinskas A, Vogt R, Wang P, Werren J, Yu XQ, Zhou JJ, Brown SJ, Scherer SE, Richards S, Blissard GW. Multifaceted biological insights from a draft genome sequence of the tobacco hornworm moth, Manduca sexta.. Insect biochemistry and molecular biology. 2016 09; 76:118-147.

OGSv2.0 generation: MAKER 2.25 was used for initial set of gene predictions. These were used for manual annotation using Web Apollo by a community of experts. The resulting manual annotations, the MAKER results, and de novo assemblies of RNA seq data (Trinity and Oases) were used to produce gene predictions using the PASA2 program to generate OGS2.0.

OGSv2.1 generation: OGS2.0 was then modified to meet NCBI-GenBank quality review, and deposited in NCBI GenBank (accession number AIXA00000000).

OGS2.2 generation: OGS2.1 was lifted over to assembly JHU_Msex_v1.0 using the LiftOff ( and Genometools ( software. OGS2.2 has quality issues due to the liftover - the i5k Workspace@NAL recommends NCBI Annotation Release 102 for general analysis, instead.