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Contarinia nasturtii

Resource Type
Common Name
swede midge

Contarinia nasturtii, the swede midge, is a small fly, the larvae of which infest brassica plants, causing twisting and distortion of the leaf stems and foliage including death of the growing point in seedlings, or damage to developing flower heads. It is native to Europe and Turkey, and has been introduced into North America where it is regarded as an invasive species.

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Mori BA, Coutu C, Chen YH, Campbell EO, Dupuis JR, Erlandson MA, Hegedus DD. De Novo Whole-Genome Assembly of the Swede Midge (Contarinia nasturtii), a Specialist of Brassicaceae, Using Linked-Read Sequencing.. Genome biology and evolution. 2021 Mar 01; 13(3).
Organism Image
Image Credit
swede midge, Contarinia nasturtii (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) - 1253040 by Susan Ellis, USDA APHIS PPQ, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
NameProgramDate Constructed
Contarinia nasturtii genome assembly AAFC_CNas_1.1 (GCF_009176525.2).SupernovaOct 18th, 2019
Functional annotation of NCBI Contarinia nasturtii Annotation Release 100AgBase functional annotation pipelineFeb 24th, 2022
Assembly Stats
Contig N50
Scaffold N50
GC Content
Other Information
Community Contact
Cathy Coutu|