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The i5k Workspace@NAL working group

The i5k Workspace@NAL working group comprises a diverse set of stakeholders from the insect genomics community and beyond. The working group provides guidance on the i5k Workspace program and stakeholder needs.

Name   Affiliation  
Carson Andorf   Computational Biologist, USDA-ARS  
Sue Brown   University Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University  
Anna Childers   Computational Biologist, USDA-ARS  
Christine Elsik   Professor, University of Missouri  
Megan Fritz   Assistant Professor, University of Maryland  
Scott Geib   Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS  
Kevin Hackett   National Program Leader, USDA-ARS  
Peter Arbuckle  Scientific Data Management Branch Chief, Knowledge Services Division, National Agricultural Library, USDA-ARS  
Duane McKenna   William Hill Professor in Biology, University of Memphis  
Stephen Richards   Project Scientist for the Earth BioGenome Project, University of California Davis