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Changes to Apollo version and URLs for 21 i5k Workspace organisms

We have updated the Apollo manual annotation software for 21 i5k Workspace organisms. For these organisms, listed below, the i5k Workspace now uses the newer Apollo v2 software. 

This means that the Apollo URL for these organisms has changed. You can find the new Apollo URL for your organism here:, or by navigating to the 'Tools -> JBrowse/Apollo -> JBrowse/Apollo Organisms' menu item from our homepage ( Your Apollo v1 login credentials should work in Apollo v2, and any existing manual annotations for these organisms were migrated to Apollo v2.

We will update organisms that are still using Apollo v1 in due course.

We hope that you will enjoy the new functionality in Apollo v2! If you have any questions or concerns about Apollo v2, feel free to contact us at

List of migrated organisms:

  • Bactrocera cucurbitae
  • Bactrocera dorsalis
  • Bemisia tabaci
  • Catajapyx aquilonaris
  • Centruroides sculpturatus
  • Ceratitis capitata
  • Copidosoma floridanum
  • Dufourea novaeangliae
  • Euglossa dilemma
  • Fopius arisanus
  • Habropoda laboriosa
  • Lasioglossum albipes
  • Latrodectus hesperus
  • Limnephilus lunatus
  • Loxosceles reclusa
  • Manduca sexta
  • Megachile rotundata
  • Melipona quadrifasciata
  • Nicrophorus vespilloides
  • Pachypsylla venusta
  • Rhipicephalus microplus