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Early registration deadline for Arthropod Genomics Symposium is approaching

Cross-posting from the i5k pilot mailing list. This symposium is likely of interest to most of our users. The i5k Workspace will participate in the Bioinformatics workshop taking place one day prior to AGS.

Early registration for the 11th Arthropod Genomics Symposium ends this Friday, 4/27/18.  After Friday, registration prices will increase.  Please note, we have extended the deadline for submission of abstracts for consideration as contributed talks to 4/27/18 as well.  
This year the symposium will be held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Thursday-Saturday June 7-9, 2018. This annual meeting originated with Susan Brown and colleagues at Kansas State University and now rotates between them, Notre Dame, and us. It is a relatively informal meeting allowing for lots of interactions and discussion of the progress in arthropod genomics in the past year and prospects for the future.
We have retained the format of years before, with a plenary talk by Michael Lynch from Arizona State University on Thursday evening, then six talk sessions on Friday and Saturday each with two invited speakers (see agenda below) and two contributed talks, covering topics such as the i5k, microbiomes, vector biology, social insects, and comparative and population genomics. Each afternoon will have a poster session that does not overlap with the talks.
This is a relatively inexpensive meeting and we provide student residence hall accommodation to help minimize costs, so while we hope that faculty colleagues will attend, we particularly encourage students and postdocs to attend. If you know of labs or colleagues new to arthropod genomics, please forward this announcement to them as they may not be on one of the list servers we have access to.
For those new to genomics, on the Thursday afternoon before the meeting starts we will have a hands-on Bioinformatics workshop covering genome databases (exemplified by i5k Workspace@NAL), the Apollo tool for manual gene modeling, the OrthoDB orthology database, and the BUSCO tool for evaluation of genome assembly and gene set completeness.
On Friday evening we will have an optional dinner with May Berenbaum as speaker, preceded by free tours of the campus with themes of Genomics, Entomology, and Art.
Registration, the meeting agenda, poster abstract submission (including for consideration for a contributed talk if desired), lodging, and travel information can be obtained here.