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New Ag100Pest and Beenome100 assemblies, and a request from VEuPathDB

Dear all,

We are excited to announce six new Ag100Pest and two new Beenome 100 species at the i5k Workspace@NAL:

  • Ag100Pest: Diorhabda carinulata, Vespa mandarinia, Anthonomus grandis grandis, Pectinophora gossypiella, Anastrepha ludens, Anastrepha obliqua
  • Beenome 100: Hylaeus volcanicus, Hylaeus anthracinus

New organism and dataset pages (; browsers with mapped RNA-Seq (; file downloads, including functional annotations (; and BLAST databases ( are available. Apollo registration for all organisms can be accessed at

Finally, please see the below request from VeuPathDB:

Dear colleagues – The VEuPathDB project (including VectorBase) is up for renewal, which is likely to depend on strong support from our user community. Joshua Benoit has drafted a letter on behalf of the VectorBase community, for which we are seeking endorsement by lab heads worldwide (if you are a PI, feel free to bring this note to the attention of your lab head). Responses will be most helpful if received by 1 Aug 2023 ... do it today!

Follow this link to view the support letter and add your name, if desired.  Or copy and paste the following URL into your internet browser:

Sincerely -- Omar Harb, Mary Ann McDowell and David Roos... on behalf of the entire VEuPathDB team