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The goal of the NSF-funded Insect Genetic Technologies RCN is to connect insect scientists for the purpose of disseminating advanced technologies for genome modification of insects through symposia, technical workshops, and training fellowships. The network is open to all: students, postdocs, researchers, technicians and faculty.

The BLAST tools have been enhanced in the following ways.

Users may now search across multiple databases in one search. You may select any combination of nucleotide databases, or any combination of peptide databases, but you cannot run one search against a mix of nucleotide and protein databases. Please note, the more genomes you select for your search, the longer the search will take.

BLAST results now contain link outs to our gene pages and JBrowse instances as appropriate. If you are an annotator, you can log in using the button at the top right to go into edit mode and still see your BLAST results.