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Osmia lignaria


Osmia lignaria, commonly known as the orchard mason bee or blue orchard bee, is a megachilid bee that makes nests in reeds and natural holes, creating individual cells for its brood that are separated by mud dividers. Unlike carpenter bees, it cannot drill holes in wood. O. lignaria is a common species used for early spring fruit bloom in Canada and the United States, though a number of other Osmia species are cultured for use in pollination.

This dataset is not published - please follow Toronto/Ft. Lauderdale conditions of data re-use.

Text credit:Public Domain, Link

Assembly Information

Analysis Name
Osmia lignaria genome assembly USDA_OLig_1.0 (GCF_012274295.1)
SMRT Link (2019-09-25)
Date performed
Materials & Methods
Two PacBio Sequel II cells with all gDNA from the same bee ( were assembled with the PacBio SMRTLink wrapper. The assembly was polished with 2 NextSeq 500 Illumina cells from a different bee (

Assembly Metrics

Contig N50
Scaffold N50
GC Content

Data Files

NameLast modifiedSize
folder-parentParent Directory
folderCurrent Genome Assembly2020-06-03 19:08
folderUSDA_OLig_1.02020-06-03 19:08