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Athalia rosae

Resource Type
Common Name
Turnip sawfly

No genome information of primitive hymenoptera (Symphyta, sawfly) is available vs higher suborder (Apocrita, Apis, Nasonia etc.). This species is a hymenopteran model maintained in laboratory through year.

Tools such that transgenesis, systemic RNAi, artificial egg activation, artificial fertilization by cryopreserved sperm injection, etc. are established.

DNA from a single haploid male (10-15 microgram/male) and from haploid offspring from a single mother (30-50 males) are available anytime.

Data were generated by the Baylor College of Medicine's i5k pilot project.

View the Baylor College of Medicine's data sharing policy.

Oeyen JP, Baa-Puyoulet P, Benoit JB, Beukeboom LW, Bornberg-Bauer E, Buttstedt A, Calevro F, Cash EI, Chao H, Charles H, Chen MM, Childers C, Cridge AG, Dearden P, Dinh H, Doddapaneni HV, Dolan A, Donath A, Dowling D, Dugan S, Duncan E, Elpidina EN, Friedrich M, Geuverink E, Gibson JD, Grath S, Grimmelikhuijzen CJP, Große-Wilde E, Gudobba C, Han Y, Hansson BS, Hauser F, Hughes DST, Ioannidis P, Jacquin-Joly E, Jennings EC, Jones JW, Klasberg S, Lee SL, Lesný P, Lovegrove M, Martin S, Martynov AG, Mayer C, Montagné N, Moris VC, Munoz-Torres M, Murali SC, Muzny DM, Oppert B, Parisot N, Pauli T, Peters RS, Petersen M, Pick C, Persyn E, Podsiadlowski L, Poelchau MF, Provataris P, Qu J, Reijnders MJMF, von Reumont BM, Rosendale AJ, Simao FA, Skelly J, Sotiropoulos AG, Stahl AL, Sumitani M, Szuter EM, Tidswell O, Tsitlakidis E, Vedder L, Waterhouse RM, Werren JH, Wilbrandt J, Worley KC, Yamamoto DS, van de Zande L, Zdobnov EM, Ziesmann T, Gibbs RA, Richards S, Hatakeyama M, Misof B, Niehuis O. Sawfly Genomes Reveal Evolutionary Acquisitions That Fostered the Mega-Radiation of Parasitoid and Eusocial Hymenoptera.. Genome biology and evolution. 2020 07 01; 12(7):1099-1188.
Organism Image
Image Credit
NameProgramDate Constructed
NCBI Athalia rosae Annotation Release 102NCBI Eukaryotic annotation pipelineJul 17th, 2018
Athalia rosae genome assembly Aros_2.0 (GCF_000344095.2)AllPaths v. 35218; ATLAS-link v. 1.0; ATLAS-gapfill v. 2.2; redundans v. 0.12cJan 3rd, 2018
Athalia rosae annotations OGSv1.2remap-gff3Oct 1st, 2018
BCM annotation of the Athalia rosae assembly using Maker and additional analysesMAKEROct 1st, 2013
Functional annotation of BCM annotation of the Athalia rosae assembly using Maker and additional analysesAgBase functional annotation pipelineSep 30th, 2020
Whole genome assembly of Athalia rosaeBaylor College of Medicine genome assembly pipelineJul 16th, 2013
Assembly Stats
Contig N50
Scaffold N50
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Jan Philip Oeyen|