Five new organisms available at the i5k Workspace: Apis mellifera, Bombus impatiens, Bombus terrestris, Eufriesea mexicana, Varroa destructor

There are 5 new organisms available at the i5k Worskpace@NAL:


Apis mellifera

Bombus impatiens

Bombus terrestris

Eufriesea mexicana

Varroa destructor:


Apollo/Jbrowse URLs for each organism:



Only Varroa destructor and Eufriesea mexicana are available for manual annotation via Apollo at this time. The bee datasets are available in collaboration with BeeBase – if manual annotation of these organisms is desired, please contact We provide links in each of the organism pages to the original BeeBase datasets. Note that all BeeBase datasets were updated for display on the RefSeq genome assemblies, so there are minor changes in the gene sets. Details can be found in the readme files associated with each dataset.