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Six new locust genomes available from Ag100Pest - BPRI collaboration

There are six new locust genome assemblies available, from a collaboration between Ag100Pest ( and the Behavioral Plasticity Research Institute ( You can learn more about the biology of the locusts, and the process behind generating these high-quality assemblies in spite of their enormous genome size, here:

Full i5k Workspace@NAL resources are available for the American grasshopper, Schistocerca americana, and the Central American locust, Schistocerca piceifrons. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide BLAST services against the genomes of these species due to their size. We hope to offer this capability in the future. In the meantime, NCBI's BLAST services can be used for sequence search against these genomes.

  • Schistocerca americana genome assembly iqSchAmer2.1 (GCF_021461395.2), NCBI annotation release 100, and functional annotations of NCBI annotation release 100:
  • Schistocerca piceifrons genome assembly iqSchPice1.1 (GCF_021461385.2), NCBI annotation release 100, and functional annotations of NCBI annotation release 100:

We will make all i5k Workspace@NAL resources available for the following species, once the genome assemblies have been processed by NCBI's RefSeq resource: